Gregg Giuffria may hold the dubious distinction of being hair metal's greatest keyboardist. In the '70s, his flamboyant ivory work sent the L.A. glam-curio Angel soaring through an impressive catalog of progressive pomposity. But even Angel's white-satin stage shows couldn't make the boys into superstars as the iron fist of Kiss ruled the theatrical cock rock market, and Angel fell to earth in 1981. Some years later, Giuffria assembled a group of seasoned rockers for another shot at the top. Bruce Bird, head of Camel Records, had worked with Angel and signed the new band, dubbed Guiffria, immediately upon hearing a demo. The eponymous debut featured "Call to the Heart," which reached the Top 20, and Guiffria hit the road. Membership shake-ups lead to a delayed release for sophomore effort Silk and Steel, and soon the band was without a label. With the help of Gene Simmons and some new second-string talent, Giuffria launched another band, House of Lords. Personnel and label problems plagued this unit as well, and the fall of the House of Lords came in the early '90s. The undeterred Giuffria is reportedly at work on yet another project. ~ Doug Stone, Rovi