Canadian guitarist Grant Fullerton first stepped into the public spotlight in the '60s as part of a Nova Scotia group called the Untouchables. The band later signed with Yorkville Records and became known by fans as Stitch in Tyme. In 1967 the renamed gathering released a debut single, "Got to Get You Into My Life." During his career Fullerton went on to work with other groups, some that didn't fit the normal rock group mold, like Lighthouse, which mixed instruments like guitar and bass with cellos and violins.
As part of Lighthouse, Fullerton recorded several albums, including Peacing It All Together, One Fine Morning, and Suite Feeling. In 1974 there was a Best of Lighthouse release, followed by Lighthouse Live! and Song of the Ages.
In the late '70s Fullerton did a little solo work. The next step seemed to be the building of a backing band which branched into the Grant Fullerton Band. In 1981, working under the Freedom Records label, he completed a Grant Fullerton Band debut EP, My Mind and My Music.
By the '90s Fullerton had opened a bar of his own that he named after himself, where he still takes the stage and jams with a number of famous artists. Some of these shows were tapped, put together, and released in 1994. The resulting album, Fullerton's Celebrity Jam, Vol. 1, includes some of the songs recorded during Fullerton's long and varied career, such as "Feels So Good," "Tee Chant," "Fear in the Night," "Let Her Go," "Take It Slow," "Stop Wastin' Time," and "New Dawn." ~ Charlotte Dillon, Rovi