Graham "Suggs" McPherson was only 17 years old when he first achieved fame as the lead singer of the British ska-pop phenomenon Madness. But by the time he was 25 the group had disbanded and Suggs had already reached and passed the peak of his career. After a fruitless stint as the frontman for a spin-off band called The Madness, Suggs faded from the media spotlight. He resurfaced briefly as a producer for the Farm's 1991 album Spartacus and in 1992, buoyed by an international ska resurgence and the successful release of a greatest hits compilation called Divine Madness, the band was able to return for the first of a series of reunion concerts. The singer also took a day job as host of the British TV game show Night Fever. These successes paved the way for Suggs to launch a solo career in 1995. The first album, The Lone Ranger, performed respectably in the British pop charts. But the 1998 follow up stiffed, perhaps wounded by its connection to the box office failure of the movie The Avengers which featured the album's lead single "I Am." A year later Madness released a comeback album to commemorate their 20th anniversary, and Suggs told reporters that the solo records were something he needed to get out of his system. ~ Evan Cater, Rovi