Eric Wrixon was the original keyboardist for Them, when they were a five-piece band establishing themselves as Belfast's hottest rock act in the spring of 1964 with a residency at the Maritime Hotel. He has said that he recorded some early tracks with the band, though he was vague about which these were and when they were done. Still in high school, at that time he had to take his A-level British school examinations, and Them manager Phil Solomon told him he had to choose between taking the exams or staying in the band. Wrixon did leave to take the A-Levels, replaced by Pat McAuley. In keeping with the generally chaotic, murkily documented history of Them, he told the magazine Ugly Things that he would briefly return to the band on three separate occasions before their second album, although these stints are not noted in the large Them family tree that appears in Pete Frame's The Beatles and Some Other Guys: Rock Family Trees of the Early Sixties.
Wrixon subsequently played with the People and, more notably, fellow Belfast R&B-rock band the Wheels, probably the best mid-'60s Irish rock band other than Them. He then played with the Never Never Band, which backed touring soul artists like Sam and Dave; the Trixons showband in Ireland; and was briefly in an early lineup of Thin Lizzy. He played live in Germany with soul and blues musicians like Junior Walker, Junior Wells, and Buddy Guy, as well as playing in a re-formed version of Them (minus Van Morrison, of course). In the 1980s he left music to become a translator and marketing director, and in the 1990s played in the Belfast Blues Band, which also included drummer John Wilson (who had been in Them and Taste). ~ Richie Unterberger, Rovi