Eric Haydock was the original bassist for the Hollies. Prior to hooking up with that fledgling group in 1962, he'd played with lead guitarist Tony Hicks in the Manchester-based band the Dolphins. One of the better bassists on the early British beat scene, Haydock and drummer Bobby Elliott (who replaced original Hollies drummer Don Rathbone after a couple of recordings), were one of the tightest, hardest rhythm sections in British pop/rock of the period. Clarke and Nash's singing and Hicks's guitar dominated the group's sound, but Haydock and Elliot made it rock -- and rock hard it did. From "Ain't That just Like Me," their debut single, in May of 1963 right up through "I Can't Let Go" in February of 1966, Haydock laid down a solid foundation to one of the most distinctive sounds in British rock & roll. His exit from the group came about in a dispute over the conduct of their managers. Haydock was convinced that some of their earnings were being mishandled and started refusing to attend recording sessions. He was fired early in 1966 and was eventually replaced by Bernie Calvert, whose sound was a lot less urgent and distinctive. Haydock formed Haydock's Rockhouse in 1966, a more R&B-focused outfit, but they folded after issuing a pair of unsuccessful singles. He eventually gave up playing music -- though the group reportedly did track him down for a video appearance in the early 1980s -- and, at last report, owned a music store in Manchester. ~ Bruce Eder, Rovi