Some musicians stay with one group for year after year, building a name for themselves based on their consistency and the success of that group. Others, arguably more interestingly, move from one group to another crossing many genres and playing with a wide variety of musicians. Chuck Bürgi is one of the latter group. Indeed, he has played with many of the greats in a number of varied musical styles. He got his first big break playing with fusion/progressive rock act Brand X in 1978. He moved on to playing with popsters Hall & Oates for a time. His next move big move was on to Michael Bolton's group. The next few years saw him performing with anyone from Meatloaf to Tangerine Dream and Roger Glover. He joined Blue Öyster Cult for a time starting in 1991 and stayed with that group until 1995. During and since that time, he has performed with Aldo Nova, Rainbow, Joe Lynn Turner, Julio Iglesias, and Enrico Iglesias. ~ Gary Hill, Rovi