Chip Znuff is the bassist and guiding force of Enuff Z'nuff, a power pop outfit that brushed the big time, but seems forever destined to be an underground phenomenon. Born in Blue Island, Illinois, and raised on the radio rock of Cheap Trick and the Raspberries, Znuff kept these influences alive with kindred spirit Donnie Vie on vocals in their band Hollywood Squares, rising to the top of the Chicago scene. With hotshot Derek Frigo on guitar, and pretty boy Vikki Foxx on the sticks, the newly christened Enuff Z'nuff landed a label deal and enjoyed a brief fling with the hair metal market with "New Thing" and "Fly High Michele." Znuff's brief liaison with Madonna was fodder for admitted fan Howard Stern, and everything seemed to work for the quartet. But label and image problems began to plague the band immediately, and the abrupt alternative explosion of the '90s made garish rock stars passe. Enuff Z'nuff held on through personal and personnel problems, releasing early material, and recording at a surprisingly consistent pace. Znuff even started his own label, Stoney Records. Znuff appears to be the only original member in the new millennium, as Vie has been conspicuously absent from tours, although he sings on Welcome to Blue Island, Enuff Z'nuff's 11th record. ~ Whitney Z. Gomes, Rovi