Bassist Bob Gordon is considered an original member of the band Grin, which guitarist and frontman Nils Lofgren started when still a squirt of a 15-year-old. More detailed band histories point to a George Daly on bass in the Grin of 1968, credits overlapping with Gordon in the following year as well as on the band's self-titled debut album. The group was active through 1974.
Not to be confused with many other performers whose surname of Gordon is preceded by some variation of Bob, such as fellow bassist Robert Gordon who worked with Gil Scott-Heron, the Grin man's personal history seems more accessible to private detectives than run-of-the-mill rock & roll researchers. Not much attention has been paid to any of Lofgren's former band partners since he made the transition from solo performer to ye olde trusty sideman. A comment on a Bruce Springsteen web forum in 2006 mentions Gordon's death "a couple of years ago." ~ Eugene Chadbourne, Rovi