The '80s pop group Breathe dropped and gained members along the way, but mainly it consisted of lead singer David Glasper, guitarist Marcus Lillington, drummer Ian "Spike" Spice, and bass guitarist Michael "Mick" Delahunty.
All the guys were childhood friends attending the Yately school in London, England, together. Before Breathe, some of them formed a six-member group called Catch 22. After school was finished, the group dropped a couple of members, and soon became what fans know as Breathe.
In 1984 Breathe began working on a few demo tapes. Some of the tunes made it to Siren Records, and the young men landed a recording contract. After releasing a few singles, the group completed a debut album, All That Jazz, in 1987. "All This I Should Have Known," "Don't Tell Me Lies," and "Any Trick" are some of the tracks on this first full-length release. "Hands to Heaven," Breathe's biggest hit, was also on this debut album. The hot single climbed the charts in the United States in 1988, and later gave the group its first big hit in the United Kingdom.
There were a couple more albums, How Can I Fall and Peace of Mind, and a few more singles, but by 1991 the fun ride through the '80s was only a memory, and so was Breathe. ~ Charlotte Dillon, Rovi