When it comes to Justin Bieber's fans, their devotion knows no bounds. Case in point: Beliebers' 140-character displays of affection on Twitter for the pop star, who graces the cover of the new issue of Billboard.

Billboard Cover: Justin Bieber Says 'I Was Close to Letting Fame Destroy Me'

Billboard recently sat down with the pop star and shared some of his admirers' sweetest -- and sometimes bizarre -- Twitter homages. Some are what you expect (“@justinbieber is so sexy") while others verge on “I’d catch a grenade for you”-level of fanatacism (“I need him to hit me with a car so i don’t fall in love with him”). Watch as Bieber hilariously reacts to what his fans have to say in the exclusive video above. And he's fine with being compared to a pancake, just so you know.

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