Matisyahu 2015


Courtesy of Razor & Tie

To celebrate his 10-year career in music, Matisyahu is giving back to his audience by focusing on fan-favorite tracks.

The reggae singer’s upcoming release Live at Stubb’s Vol. III (Oct. 2) will feature stripped down versions of six of those fan-favorite songs. Today, Matisyahu is premiering the live video for “King Without A Crown” on Billboard

The video, which you can watch below, was filmed in multiple locations, including shows at City Winery in Chicago, Foxtail Club in Las Vegas, and a studio session in Brooklyn.

Matisyahu told Billboard that “Crown,” which is featured on the upcoming release, holds a special place in his heart.

"I wrote this song and recorded an early version of it around 2002. While I was in Yeshiva I didn't listen to music for almost two years but once in a while I would slip off up onto the roof in Brooklyn and listen to it on my Discman. It kept my dream of creating music alive in my heart.”

In addition to releasing Live at Stubb’s Vol. III, Matisyahu will also be going on tour this fall.