Dr. Dog Brings 'B-Room' to the Studio: Watch Live Performances and Q&A

Dr. Dog photographed in New York City

Kate Glicksberg

The sextet plays "The Truth" and "Broken Heart" off their new album "B-Room"

To celebrate the release of their eighth studio album, "B-Room" (out Sept. 30 via ANTI-), Dr. Dog stopped by the Billboard studio to perform a pair of new songs and talk about the life of a seasoned, road-tested rock band.

Watch Dr. Dog's Q&A below:

In Billboard's New York studio, Dr. Dog gave some much-deserved love to their home base of Philadelphia. The classic-rock minded indie rockers have been going at it since 1999, and though they've made a name for themselves nationally, they stay true to the city that made them the musicians they are today.

Dr. Dog Billboard Session Photos

"When we were coming up, if you got any kind of traction at all in Philly, you immediately beelined to New York," remembers bassist/vocalist Toby Leaman. "That's not the case anymore. People are getting it together in Philly and sticking around." 

Watch "Broken Heart":

After outgrowing their old recording studio, the band traded their guitars and drums for hammers and nails and did things the old fashioned way, building themselves a new studio that birthed the new album.

"That was a cool, unexpected wrinkle there," says guitarist/vocalist Scott McMicken. "Just collaborating as carpenters and seamlessly moving back into musicians once we had the place ready to make music in." 

Watch "The Truth":

For the sound of the new album, the band strived to strip back the studio treatments and capture the feel of their live performance. "Like when we play live, we know what we're doing," says Leaman.

They clearly do! All six members pitched in for renditions of album cuts "The Truth" and "Broken Heart."