Maroon 5, 'Daylight': Track Review


"Daylight" (3:46)
Producers: Adam Levine, MdL, Max Martin
Writers: A. Levine, M. Martin, M. Levy, S. Martin
Publishers: various


Following the No. 1 run of "One More Night" on the Billboard Hot 100, Adam Levine and company are back with "Daylight," a midtempo ballad that sounds a lot like Bruno Mars' "Just the Way You Are." The Maroon 5 songbook has struck this chord before, on "Payphone" (minus the awkward Wiz Khalifa rap) and "Never Gonna Leave This Bed" (only with a more tepid chorus). On "Daylight," Levine sings about a last night with a lover, kind of like "One More Night" minus the guilt: "When the daylight comes I'll have to go/But tonight I need to hold you so close." The track drags a bit before reaching a crowning bridge, which provides some much needed momentum for Levine's emoting in the final chorus. Maroon 5 has certainly sounded spunkier and sexier before, so will pop fans want another sad song about saying goodbye? Fortunately, the answer is almost always "yes."