Plies, "Plenty Money"

79 Billboard Rating

What recession? Plies has "Plenty Money," and the Fort Myers, Fla., rapper wants to "let the streets know." "What's in my pockets, dawg? Big face hundreds/ I'm kinda mad with you haters, I'm real disappointed/ 'Cause what you didn't tell the people is I got plenty money," he boasts. The MC also says that his riches get him "whips foreign" (as in cars), that his jewelry "stay glowin' " (even in prison) and that he keeps the "gnac pourin' " in the club, among other big talk. While the content of "Plenty Money" may be a little insensitive considering current economic times, Plies' braggadocio doesn't come off as offensive. In fact, his Southern drawl-heavy lyrical wit, combined with the drum patterns and electric guitar riffs on the production, sets up "Plenty Money" to be not only a summer favorite, but quite possibly the biggest record of Plies' career to date.