Spoon, "Got Nuffin"


Emerging from a two-year silence since the 2007 album "Ga Ga Ga Ga Ga," the indie rock heavyweight Spoon returns with a three-song EP, the title track of which is perfect for cruising the local strip on a warm summer night. "Got Nuffin" is anchored by a stiff, thrumming bassline and a guitar riff that sounds like it was cribbed from a lost Rick Springfield cut. Frontman Britt Daniel keeps up with the proto-new wave melodies at a breathless pace, spouting out lyrics rife with neurotic darkness and crashing into Jim Eno's buoyant drumming with the discipline of an old Linn machine. Along with the lo-fi instrumental "Tweakers" and the Duane Eddy-style reverb rocker "Stroke Their Brains," the single rounds out a most impressive EP that will hold fans over until the band's next album.