American Music Awards

Eminem, "Beautiful"


"I just want to be just like you/Blend in with the rest of the room/ Maybe just point me to the nearest restroom," Eminem pleads on "Beautiful," the epic fifth single from "Relapse." Though Eminem may crave anonymity, the fact that he's releasing yet another single from an album that arrived in May suggests that, with Michael Jackson gone, he might be the most riveting male star in the world. Part confessional ("I'm just so fucking depressed," begins the track's explicit version) and part "Lose Yourself"-style motivational anthem, "Beautiful" encapsulates the schizophrenic nature of "Relapse" but deviates from the shock tactics that dominate the album. Utilizing a Queen sample ("Reaching Out," from the 2005 live album "Return of the Champions") as its foundation, the song is as much a lighters-in-the-air, arena rock power ballad as it is a lyrical showcase.