Ledisi, "Turn Me Loose"


R&B artist Ledisi's new album, "Turn Me Loose," on which she collaborates with new producers and even sports a Mohawk (on the cover), serves as her official coming-out party. On her second Verve release, the Bay Area artist goes from wondering if her partner will still be there "In the Morning" and convincing herself that everything will be "Alright" -- both were also singles from 2007's "Lost and Found" -- to boasting more confidence and sass. On the bluesy title track, Ledisi warns, "I'm gonna get my things and walk out the door," while the horns on the drum-laden song "Everything Changes" find the artist preaching about letting go and living life to the fullest. On the flirty midtempo track "Please Stay," Ledisi promises to give her love a special treat if he stays the night. But she isn't one to sugarcoat things. "Alone" touches on a relationship that's coming to an end, while "I Need Love" questions if the narrator will ever find real love again. Still, like a true woman, Ledisi keeps growing as she takes the good with the bad. --Mariel Concepcion