Matisyahu, "One Day"


"Light," the third full-length from Hasidic reggae performer Matisyahu, is finally hitting stores after numerous delays, and the anthemic first single "One Day" hints at a new direction for the idiosyncratic artist. Over a simple drumbeat, Matisyahu sings of the pointlessness of violence and offers hope for the future: "When negativity surrounds/I know someday it'll all turn around," he croons over swelling multi-tracked vocals. With a slower, more reflective pace and a complete lack of hip-hop influence, "One Day" is a far cry stylistically from Matisyahu's previous singles. The track's lyrics, if a bit clichéd, should be commended for their positive message. "One Day" may not be as immediate as Matisyahu's breakout work, but it pulls no punches in its refreshingly blunt optimism.