Jenni Rivera, "Ovarios"


Corridos, or narrative regional Mexican songs, have mostly been the provenance of male artists. But Jenni Rivera does it her way on "Ovarios," using a corrido melody to start up a snarling beef with her rivals. The hook cleverly uses "ovaries" as a replacement for "cojones" (the male anatomical equivalent to courage, as in English), and "La Diva de la Banda," as Rivera is known, even throws in a "biatch" at the end for good measure. Naturally, this has ratcheted up the controversy between the singer and her critics, even prompting a public response by "La Reina de la Banda" Graciela Beltran. That may explain the song's popularity -- "Ovarios" recently debuted at No. 22 on Billboard's Hot Latin Songs chart -- but as a single, it's far from the bold, fun, sexy, sassy swing of the rest of Rivera's repertoire. --Ayala Ben-Yehuda