Pitbull, "Rebelution"

60 Billboard Rating

You either love or hate Pitbull's music, and sometimes a little of both when listening to the same album. As with the Miami rapper's past releases, his newest set, "Rebelution," is a mix of infectious dance hooks and rapid-fire rhymes-some are clever and fun, others are just plain graphic. In addition to the hits "I Know You Want Me (Calle Ocho)," "Hotel Room Service" and "Krazy," the album's most accessible songs are "Across the World" and "Can't Stop Me Now." Amid the frenetic dance beats and endless metaphors for orifices and organs, "Across the World" is a wide-eyed, gentle pop song about becoming an international star; "Can't Stop Me Now" is an intriguing listen, with a strong guitar and soaring background chorus. But the head-scratcher is the closer "Daddy's Little Girl," an ode to "the ones that have been raped, the ones that grew up fatherless, but still found a way to raise their kids to do the right thing." --Ayala Ben-Yehuda

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