Jeremih, "Imma Star"


On the heels of Jeremih's debut single-turned-summer anthem, "Birthday Sex," "Imma Star" continues to peg the 21-year-old R&B singer/ songwriter as a young talent to watch. The song bristles with confidence, as the Chicago native jokes about his quick rise to success ("You can catch me in the air, I be ballin,' " he sings playfully) and insists that it's no fluke: "Now that I got the torch, I'mma keep the flame." The-Dream's influence is even stronger here than on "Birthday Sex," from the distended, hypnotic yelps to the dense synths and nerdy analogies -- and occasionally, it veers too close to comfort. Still, few artists charge from the gate this convincingly, and Jeremih has the vocal chops to back up his boasts, proving that he's no one-hit wonder. --Monica Herrera