Alicia Keys, "Doesn't Mean a Thing"

83 Billboard Rating

A truly confident woman lets herself be vulnerable at the right time. This is the message that Alicia Keys' latest single exudes, as she lets her guard down and admits that she's incomplete without the man she loves. "From afar, it seems I had it all," Keys belts on the midtempo track's chorus, "but it doesn't mean anything since you're gone." It's not the first time she's wrought inspiration from love-stricken lyrics. In fact, "Doesn't Mean a Thing" is just the latest addition to a lengthy list of her empowering tracks, and it can easily be compared to previous hits like "Super Woman" and "No One." But the comparisons are more than welcome, because-as Keys understands so well-everyone needs love, no matter how independent they may be. -Mariel Concepcion

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