Mario, "D.N.A."


Mario has a broken heart and he's pouring it all out on his latest set, "D.N.A." Over simple violin strings on "Stranded," he sings, "All that we had is gone in a second/And I'm sad baby/What am I gonna do now?" Accompanied by a drum machine on "I Miss My Friend," Mario belts out lyrics about feeling despair since his lady friend left him, while "Get Out" finds the artist cursing the woman who ripped a hole inside his chest. Even uptempo songs like the first single, "Break Up"-where guest collaborator Gucci Mane raps, "Swag so stupid, still the bitch straight dumped me"-touch on heartache. But the best representation of Mario's desolation comes courtesy of the appropriately titled "Soundtrack to My Broken Heart," where he gripes over a piano-based beat, "This is how it sounds when my heart cries/You won't even come to my rescue."-Mariel Concepcion