Daddy Yankee, "Grito Mundial"


With the 2010 FIFA World Cup in South Africa around the corner, Daddy Yankee aims to score the kind of goal Ricky Martin did with his 1998 hit, "The Cup of Life." Yankee's "Grito Mundial" -in Spanish, the title can mean "Worldwide Shout" or "World Cup Shout"-opens with carnival-esque fanfare, matching rowdy chants to a dance beat that could bring a stadium's worth of soccer diehards to their feet. Fans are pushing for this first single from the Puerto Rican artist's upcoming album, "Daddy Yankee Mundial," to be used as the official World Cup anthem. With so many samba whistles, "Grito" could easily be dedicated to Brazil, but Yankee's self-penned lyrics call for unity among all Latin American countries. It's another potential radio hit with plenty of gasolina.-Judy Cantor-Navas