Gucci Mane, "The State Vs. Radric Davis"

68 Billboard Rating

If Gucci Mane's new album, "The State Vs. Radric Davis," were a holiday, it would be Halloween. Over a daunting, organ-like piano on the track "Heavy," the Atlanta rapper wittily rhymes, "I just got out of jail, yeah, they tried to Michael Vick me." Similar to something heard in a horror film, the song "Gingerbread Man" features OJ Da Juiceman's habitual "Eys!" over a grand piano scheme and clinging xylophones. And Soulja Boy and Waka Flocka Flame are featured on "Bingo," which boasts a double-speed beat ideal for any scary movie. Even the ladies' track "I Think I'm in Love," on which Gucci discovers he and his love interest are falling for each other, features an eerie Zaytoven production beneath it. However, like the singles "Spotlight" and "Wasted," the songs on the album that jump out most aren't the ones with creepy rhythms, but those with Gucci Mane's witty lyrical delivery. The comical "Lemonade" is about diamond-encrusted jewelry, while "My Own Worst Enemy" talks about the day he was almost murdered.-Mariel Concepcion