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Robin Thicke, "Sex Therapy: The Session"


Robin Thicke might be the only R&B crooner currently working whose love-song lexicon includes the word "brasserie." The "Lost Without U" star drops the term in his new album's song "Meiplé" while informing a lady friend of their plans for a weekend in Paris; before dinner, they're shopping at Chanel and having afternoon tea at the Ritz. "A lady don't lift things, open doors, stand alone," he sings over a sample from Brigitte Bardot's "Moi Je Joue." "Not when she with me, babe." Throughout this quick follow-up to last year's "Something Else," Thicke reveals a side of his personality that's flashier and funnier than the Oprah-appropriate image that was cultivated with previous hits. Musically, too, he flexes an eclectic streak last heard on his underappreciated 2003 debut, moving from the steamy soul sonics of the title track to the club-friendly bounce of "Shakin' It 4 Daddy" to the dark electro-rock of "Elevatas." There's plenty to chew on here. Dig in.-Mikael Wood