Jason Derulo, "In My Head"

80 Billboard Rating

Following his No. 1 debut single, "Whatcha Say," which featured a catchy sampled vocal from Imogen Heap's "Hide and Seek," Jason Derulo goes it alone on his next offering, "In My Head." The song features a rocking drumbeat, danceable hook, aggressive synth tap and intense, breathy vocals from the artist, who sings in a register similar to Akon's. The 20-year-old Miami singer/ songwriter seems to be embarking on a similar path to the one laid out by Ne-Yo, as he's already written songs for Lil Wayne, Sean Kingston and Pitbull in addition to his solo work. On the strength of his first two singles and an upcoming album that boasts more infectious hooks, look for Derulo to keep making his mark as an all-around entertainer. -Michael Menachem

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