Editors, "In This Light and on This Evening"

65 Billboard Rating

Editors' suffocating melancholy and frontman Tom Smith's weighty baritone have long drawn comparisons between the U.K. rock band and post-punk act Joy Division. So it's hard not to see Editors' third album, "In This Light and on This Evening," as its New Ordering-a marked shift away from guitars to synthesizers and a cleaner, dance-friendly vibe that still maintains much of the emotional heft. But the transition can seem a bit self-conscious. On the track "Bricks and Mortar," it translates into far too much enthusiasm for the bells and whistles on the band's new machines. But the electronic approach produces a catchy dancefloor single in "Papillon," with a melody that makes the most of Smith's robust vocals. A few forgettable melodies are overshadowed by the dramatic opening title track, which builds by layers to an epic feel, and the dreamy but rhythmic "Like Treasure."

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