Sade, "Soldier of Love"


Suave production? Check. Heart-piercing lyrics? Check. Sensual, husky-voiced singer? Check. Those are just some of the things Sade fans can expect from the group's new album, "Soldier of Love." The release is Sade's first new material in 10 years, but the act hasn't lost a beat. Over marching band drums and smeared electric guitar riffs on the title track, lead singer Sade Adu croons, "I've lost the use of my heart, but I'm still alive." And with the help of choppy violins and simple drums on the song "The Moon and the Sky," she declares her devotion to a former lover, singing, "You could let me love anyone, but I only wanted you." The heartfelt track "Morning Bird" is packed with strings, piano strokes and tambourine clatter, while "Babyfather" finds Adu commending a man's fatherly instincts. "Be That Easy" is reminiscent of a country love song, with guitars and whistles, and standout track "In Another Time" features saxophone and a stunning violin arrangement, proving that good music stands the test of time.