Spoon, "Transference"


Spoon's seventh studio album, "Transference," strikes a balance between its early angsty indie-rock and the soulful deconstructed pop of its 2007 release, "Ga Ga Ga Ga Ga." The battered piano keys, jagged guitar riffs and clashing drums on the single "Written in Reverse" add an ominous feel to the set, as Spoon frontman Britt Daniel's voice teeters between punchy and afflicted. "I'm writing this to you in reverse/ Someone better call a hearse," he sings, while also referencing drug hazes and blank stares. The thrumming guitar and esoteric beats of "Who Makes Your Money" creates an atmospheric dreaminess, while tension is built with snarling lyrics, buried piano and crushing guitar riffs on "Got Nuffin." On album closer "Nobody Gets Me but You," Spoon finally comes undone, melding bleak electronic pulses, strings and pounding drums in a combination of bounce and grit that goes down smoothly.