Los Campesinos!, "Romance Is Boring"


On its third album, "Romance Is Boring," the members of seven-piece rock act Los Campesinos! expand their musical range by utilizing more instrumental and melodic variety than found on the band's 2008 sophomore effort, "We Are Beautiful, We Are Doomed." But new songs like "We've Got Your Back" prove that the group is still concentrating on proclaiming the unending angst of love through toe-tapping dance ditties. On the track, an upbeat tempo clashes with lyrics by singer Gareth Campesinos that claim, "I've learned more from toilet walls than I've learned from these words of yours." Other highlights include "Who Fell Asleep In," which boasts a bridge punctuated by a jazzy horn riff, and the lush instrumentation on "The Sea Is a Good Place to Think of the Future." "Romance Is Boring" would be better-served with more of the diversity that's found on these tracks. But those without dates on Valentine's Day should find some cheer in this danceable collection.-Erin Clendaniel