Gary Allan, "Get Off on the Pain"

82 Billboard Rating

Gary Allan's albums are as comfortable as the day is long, and his fans usually know what to expect. That could be a problem in the hands of a lesser talent, but it works in Allan's favor. The artist's familiar smoky vocals and the consistently rich production draw the listener in on his latest release, "Get Off on the Pain." The heart-tugging single "Today" displays a world-weariness that thrice-married Allan has earned. The singer didn't write the title cut, but makes it more than believable, likely drawing from the pain of his third wife's suicide six years ago. Allan pours his emotive voice into the song "No Regrets," which he wrote about his deceased wife ("From the day we met to the night she left/I loved her, no regrets"). Other highlights include the I-know-we're-not-together-anymore-but-let's-use-each-other-anyway track "Kiss Me When I'm Down" and the hopeful "When You Give Yourself Away."