Disco Biscuits, "Planet Anthem"

72 Billboard Rating

Philadelphia electro jam band Disco Biscuits has been rolling out its fifth studio album for months, starting last fall with the EPs "On Time" and "Widgets," for the professed reason, among others, of taking a fan-friendly approach to unveiling its ever-evolving sound. And "Planet Anthem" certainly doesn't fit any predictable jam mold--the album's tight, diverse offerings stand to attract audiences outside of the group's faithful live scene. The single "On Time" is a technology-themed, high-energy dancefloor track that has been remixed by and serviced to club DJs, while "You and I" is a crunchy, disco-driven rocker that could hold its own against any licensable indie single on the air. The song "Widgets" represents the more classic, guitar-driven jam contingent; "Rain Song" brings in female vocals and avant-garde synth effects; and "Fish Out of Water" shows the Biscuits' upbeat, lovesick power-pop chops.--Evie Nagy

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