The Gaslight Anthem, "American Slang"


It's probably fair to describe the Gaslight Anthem as Generation Y's closest thing to Bruce Springsteen. The Americana-inspired, fellow New Jersey band's lyrics are brimming with a Boss-like mentality, as they're wrought with references to sailor tattoos, high-top sneakers and classic cars. "American Slang," the title track from the band's forthcoming third album, is as charming as 2008's "The '59 Sound." Despite a pounding drumbeat that offers little in the way of variety, frontman Brian Fallon's gravel-throated vocals shine. "The fortunes came for the richer men/ While we're left with gallows, waiting for us liars to come down and hang," he sings over a bed of twangy, lo-fi guitars and a rollicking main riff. "American Slang" might not be as hard-hitting as past singles, but it's just as accessible for rock fans who've seen hard times.