Big Boi featuring Cutty, "Shutterbugg"

87 Billboard Rating

"Shutterbugg"-Big Boi's new single from his (finally) soon-to-be-released "Sir Luscious Left Foot: The Son of Chico Dusty"-satisfies both his core audience and mainstream hip-hop fans. Over a '70s electro-funk beat with crashing claps and stuttering synths, the Atlanta rapper notes his intent to reach a broad base: "I'm Sgt. Slaughter, I keep my shit cooked to order/In order to satisfy my people in Georgia and 'cross the water." "Shutterbugg" also marks the triumphant return of producer Scott Storch, who merges Big Boi's Southern drawl and rapid-fire staccato flow with the current dance vogue. The song's hook and bridge channel not so much T-Pain as Roger Troutman, utilizing what sounds more like a vocoder than Auto-Tune for full retro effect. With its mesmerizing rhymes and dancefloor lean, "Shutterbugg" has the potential to join the pantheon of hits in the OutKast discography.

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