Tino Coury, "Diary"

52 Billboard Rating

The chorus of independent pop artist Tino Coury's first single, "Diary," admittedly resembles that of several Lady Gaga hits-especially when Coury sings "D-d-diary" over disco synths. The song's lyrics are more pessimistic than Gaga's, though, and more in line with fellow dance/pop artist Taio Cruz's recent No. 1 hit, "Break Your Heart." "My heart is bleeding/Paper cut from reading, reading," the Pittsburgh-born singer/songwriter laments over a staccato self-production. "Page one says that you're fallin' in and out of love/Page two says all them things I do just ain't enough." Despite its themes of betrayal, dissatisfaction and letdown for the lead singer, the song's sticking point is an incredibly buoyant beat that should keep listeners tuned in and dancing.-Melanie Bertoldi

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