Sheryl Crow, "Summer Day"

61 Billboard Rating

Sheryl Crow's latest offering harks back to a time when love songs ruled the airwaves and R&B and Southern soul defined a generation. The breezy tune opens with Crow on her Wurlitzer, singing "nah nahs" as the instrumentation kicks in. Funky clavinet thumps, electric guitar and bass, gentle high-hat and a tambourine add depth and texture; horns heat up the arrangement; and a full string section led by David Campbell both intensfies and brings nuance to the vocals. The singer describes an idyllic moment of love at first sight on an impossibly perfect day. "That summer day that changed it all/You came into my life, and you let me fall in love/My baby I just want to be with you." "Summer Day" kicks off Crow's new album "100 Miles From Memphis," due July 20. --Michael Menachem

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