Grace Potter & the Nocturnals, "Grace Potter & the Nocturnals"


Grace Potter & the Nocturnals' new self-titled release finds frontwoman Potter and her band in full bloom, hammering out hook-heavy rock tracks with a confident, natural sound. Opening track "Paris" sets a feisty tone, proving that Potter has grown out of her once-innocent vocal style. Accompanied by lethal electric guitar riffs, she now belts out lyrics about sex and teases with raunchy "oohs" and "aahs" in an unapologetic manner. The dreamy and introspective "Oasis" features weaving guitars and layered vocals, and the hooky chorus and pop-tinted vocals of "Tiny Light" put a modern bend on the group's vintage sound. The latter song culminates with Potter emotionally shrieking over an aggressive guitar solo. Elsewhere, the band displays it versatility, channeling modern soul with funky guitar and organ on "Only Love" and getting a country makeover on slow shuffles "Low Road" and "Things I Never Needed." --Ilya Skripnikov