Blitzen Trapper, "Destroyer of the Void"


Bringing back the ersatz brand of Americana that defined 2008 release "Furr," rock act Blitzen Trapper again channels a variety of sounds from the '60s through the '80s to meld its own genre on its latest release, "Destroyer of the Void." With a bluesy harmonica and a gently strummed acoustic guitar, the folk-tinged "The Man Who Would Speak True" tells the tale of a lost soul. And the vocal harmonies and slight prog-rock feel of "Lover Leave Me Drowning" recall singer John Wetton during his King Crimson days, while Beatles-esque piano and string arrangements dominate the melancholy "Heaven and Earth." But it's the title track that best showcases Blitzen Trapper's ability to quickly shift musical gears. The song begins with a hint of arena-rock bombast, switches to an Elton John-like ballad, then morphs back into a metal-inspired anthem worthy of Led Zeppelin before finishing with a dramatic choral verse reminiscent of Queen's "Bohemian Rhapsody." --Erin Clendaniel