Korn, "Korn III--Remember Who You Are"


A subtitle like "Remember Who You Are" implies a blast back to the past. That may be just what Korn intended by bringing back Ross Robinson, who produced the heavy rockers' first two albums. But "Korn III" (a reference to this lineup as the third incarnation of the band) moves forward more than it retrenches, referencing some stylistic trademarks while introducing some fresh dynamic sensibilities. It's the likely result of adding touring drummer Ray Luzier as a permanent member as well as stripping away the experimental excursions of 2007's untitled album in favor of a punchier and more direct approach this time out. Frontman Jonathan Davis, who started "Korn III" as a concept album before shifting gears, is still a ball of rage--"This is the time for truth and pain" he declares on the track "Holding All These Lies." And the rest of Korn pushes that fury on such densely textured fusillades as "The Past," "Let the Guilt Go," "Are You Ready to Live?" and opener "Oildale (Leave Me Alone)." --Gary Graff