Delphic, "Acolyte"


British electronic act Delphic's debut album, "Acolyte," is a seamless fusion of electro beats and despondent vocals that serve as the backdrop to a lyrical theme about dealing with the end of a relationship. Singer James Cook pleads with a former lover throughout the set-it's most apparent on wistful track "Red Lights," where he admits, "If you were to call/I'd risk a second broken heart for you." And on the frenzied "Counterpoint" he realizes his relationship has finally ended ("And you just don't come back around/It seems to me that we will never be"). The album's two instrumental tracks-"Ephemera" and "Acolyte," which feature distorted synths and wordless chants-sound fittingly religious, given the set's title. But Delphic is at its best on the pop-leaning cut "Doubt" and the captivating "Halcyon," which features a cold vocal delivery and scattershot synths.