Great Big Sea, "Safe Upon the Shore"

On Canadian folk-rock act Great Big Sea's 10th studio album, "Safe Upon the Shore," the nearly 18-year-old band rediscovers its Newfoundland musical roots with accent-ridden anthems of nostalgia and relationships. "Dear Home Town" is a catchy, poppy ode to the things that may have once been important, but got lost in the shuffle of a fast-paced life, while "Follow Me Back" is a Canadian drinking lullaby with airy vocals and lovesick lyrics threaded with simple, sweet guitar. "Safe Upon the Shore" is an inviting, home-grown album, but certain songs overstep their sentimental boundaries. In the unconvincing cut "Yankee Sailor," lead vocalist Alan Doyle falls back on 10-cent lyrics like, "If I could see you across the water/I'd say America is beautiful tonight." The set also boasts lyrical contributions from actor Russell Crowe (a friend of Doyle's) on the country-soaked song "Hit the Ground and Run." Ultimately, "Safe Upon the Shore" satisfies the balance between modern and traditional Celtic sounds, but doesn't offer anything out of the ordinary.