Hellyeah, "Stampede"


If you've ever wondered what sort of code of conduct the cowboy community lives by, the first track on this heavy-metal super-group's sophomore disc lays it out quite clearly: "What's mine is mine/What's yours is mine," Hellyeah frontman Chad Gray growls, "It's just a cowboy's way." Featuring members of Mudvayne, Pantera, Nothingface and Damageplan, Dallas-based Hellyeah doesn't pussyfoot around on the hard-charging "Stampede," which informs the cowboy-curious that a love-'em-andleave-'em approach is one that potential lovers should expect. (You have to appreciate the warning.) Even the album's ballad, "Better Man," offers strong medicine, with Gray detailing the various departments in which his father disappointed him and his family. By the end of "Stampede," all that alpha-male attitude can begin to tire out a listener with less fortitude than anyone in Hellyeah. But there's no doubting these guys' burly bona fides.