Brandon Boyd, "The Wild Trapeze"

Incubus frontman Brandon Boyd is known for his alluring vocal additions that shepherd the rock band-and on his debut solo set, "The Wild Trapeze," the artist's voice continues to lead the way of the music. Most of these 10 tracks could easily fit into Incubus' existing catalog, but Boyd demonstrates his musical mastery beyond singing by also performing some of the acoustic instruments on the set. The scratchy, distorted guitar on "Here Comes Everyone" is a nice contrast to Boyd's smooth vocal delivery, and the single "Runaway Train" employs intricate harmonies. On every track, Boyd's poetic lyrics are woven through the instrumental distortion by his confident, wide-ranging vocals. The slimmed-down acoustic number "Courage and Control" showcases the singer's ability to deliver a graceful ballad, while closer "All Ears Avow!" turns the tables with a beat-heavy clapping style that presents Boyd's voice in full wail. "The Wild Trapeze" expresses Boyd's ingenuity outside of Incubus, but is sure to keep fans buzzing for the band's in-the-works studio album.