Kem, "Intimacy Album III"


Kem has long been a hopeless romantic. And his latest album, "Intimacy Album III," is a 10-song showcase of just that. Over a smooth-sounding piano and drum production on the song "When I'm Lovin' You," the R&B singer makes the comparison between the love his lady gives him and Christmastime, paradise, a fairytale and other picturesque intangibles. And atop a bluesy guitar on "Can You Feel It," Kem assures his ex of his devotion and reminds others of his still-standing love for her on "Share My Life," "If It's Love" and "You're on My Mind." The usually prudent artist takes risks with love this time around as well. On the track "Why Would You Stay," he confesses to falling for a woman he barely knows and speaks of wanting to spend the night with another over a jazzy beat on "Human Touch." Clearly, Kem isn't self-conscious about his love of love -- and we love him for it.