The Weepies, " Be My Thrill"

82 Billboard Rating

The Weepies-the husband-and-wife duo of Steve Tannen and Deb Talan-refrained from touring following 2008's "Hideaway" to take care of their newborn son. Raising a child is no easy task, but the time at home gave the couple a chance to write new material for the follow-up, "Be My Thrill," which is decorated with their traditional folk-flavored tunes and pop harmonies. The first single, "I Was Made for Sunny Days," features Talan's warbled vocals over a slinky bassline and a bouncy guitar melody, while the grungy "How Do You Get High?" rolls in on a backbeat reminiscent of "Low Rider." In stark contrast, the track "Not a Lullaby" has the opposite effect of what the title suggests; Talan's soft repeated crooning of "When I hold you in my arms" over a tenderly plucked guitar line is the perfect combination to lull listeners to sleep. It just goes to prove that the Weepies haven't lost their gentle touch.

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