Sara Bareilles, "Kaleidoscope Heart"

81 Billboard Rating

Sara Bareilles returns with more bouncy and intricate piano melodies on her sophomore album, "Kaleidoscope Heart." The set mirrors several older periods, ranging from the '20s Southern gospel a cappella title track to the mid-century piano parlor ditty "Gonna Get Over You." And "Not Alone" sounds like it could've been a standard in a '30s jazz club. With "Uncharted," Bareilles puts a syncopated two-step beat to a heartbreak anthem as she belts out about being unable to deal with a failed relationship. Later, on the acoustic "Basket Case," she pens the words of another scorned lover who can't make sense of life after a significant other leaves. The album slows down again with such tunes as "Breathe Again" and "Blue Bird," where Bareilles' soft jazzy voice coats somber piano tracks. The first single, "King of Anything," reintroduces listeners to the singer's tongue-in-cheek lyrical sass as she protests against any potential partner that expects her to play the damsel in distress: "You just expect me to/ Jump up onboard with you/ And ride off into your delusional sunset."

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