Jason Reeves, "Helium Hearts"


Jason Reeves has co-written songs with some notable pop personalities, from Colbie Caillat to Demi Lovato, but the Iowa native has been relatively quiet thus far as a solo artist. After debuting in 2007 with "The Magnificent Adventures of Heartache," Reeves is starting to find his footing as a singer on "Helium Hearts," the acoustic-driven lead single to forthcoming sophomore disc "The Lovesick." The track captures the idea behind the album title, as he describes the feeling of never getting enough of the woman he loves. Reeves' melodic voice carries a hint of Bob Dylan rasp as he croons, " 'Cause we're on fire, walking love's highest burning wire/Helium hearts, we're falling skyward/ We're never coming down." With its seductive lyrics and a tempo perfect for slow dancing, "Helium Hearts" is nicely designed to make girls swoon and solidly position Reeves as a solo artist.