Die Antwoord, "Evil Boy"


Die Antwoord is not known for subtlety: The South African rave-rap trio's style of pairing pummeling beats with filthy rhymes has exploded overnight on the Internet. It carries on its M.O. with a phallus-filled video for "Evil Boy," yet the single, part of the U.S. rerelease of debut disc "$.O.$.," is a precisely made piece of dance music that squeezes a ton of ideas into four-and-a-half minutes. Diplo provides an animated backing track that stays out of the way of frontman Ninja's whacked-out musings: "I'm all up in the club in my underpants," the MC raps. Luckily, pixie-voiced singer Yo-Landi Vi$$er grounds the song with a slow, inviting hook as well as a feisty verse in which she claims to "write my raps with a Ouija board." Die Antwoord may be in on the joke with its zany lyrical content, but "Evil Boy" confirms that there's substance behind the schtick.