P!nk, "Raise Your Glass"


Long before Lady Gaga birthed her little monsters, P!nk represented for pop-obsessed outcasts by setting anti-establishment lyrics to productions packed with commercial appeal. On "Raise Your Glass," the introduction to her November-slated "Greatest Hits . . . So Far!!!" release, P!nk invites more "nitty-gritty dirty little freaks" to join her at the uncool kids' table. The song reunites her with Max Martin, who supplies a taut bassline and unpretentious guitar riffs over which the star jokingly quasi-raps to her recruits. "Party crasher/Penny snatcher/Call me up, if you a gangsta," she snaps. "Don't be fancy, just get dance-y/Why so serious?" Like the rest of the songs that grace P!nk's set, "Raise Your Glass" isn't about transcending the ordinary, but embracing the smoke and mirrors that most of her peers relish-all of which makes cutting loose and toasting to another hit in P!nk's deep catalog feel totally natural.